The Grocery List

Ok, ladies. Yesterday’s shopping list was: a lemon, lettuce, ice cream, and soy sauce. Not too hard…right? 😉

Dave: I’m back!
Me: Great! Dinner is ready. I was just waiting for the soy sauce.

Dave: Soy sauce? I didn’t get soy sauce.
Me: What?? Ok…well –

Me: What’s this?
Dave: Lettuce.

Me: Actually, it’s cabbage.
Dave: What do you want from me? They look the same.

Me: Bacon, bacon…more bacon? Honey, we have tons of bacon already.
Dave: Well, my bacon sensor was telling me we were low.

Dave: I’m really sorry, honey. I guess I messed it all up. I really was thinking about you. I wasn’t thinking about what you SAID, but I was thinking about you.

Dave: But at least I brought you potato chips!!!!!

(He’s really lucky that I just happened to be craving potato chips.)

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