Heeeeere Come Grandma and Grandpa!

Me: Mom, what is all this stuff?
Mom: Oh, some clothes I cleaned out of my closet, some home school stuff…

Mom: And this. I bought it for the boys.
Me: Mom, we don’t have room for that!

Mom: Honey, we don’t have room for things like this at our house.

Dad: Get back here, you little fart!

Me: Dad, they’re not supposed to say that!

Me: What’s in your mouth?
George: Doughnuts!

Me: Mom, they already had doughnuts.
Mom: Oh, ok. I’ll get out the ice cream bars.

Dad: Honey, I’ve told you before – if you clean out your lint filter regularly your dryer will work much better.

Dave: Time to say good night to the kids!

Mom: Good night, sweeties.

Dad: Good night…little farts.

Me: Dad!!

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