Mommy’s "Murphy’s Law" (from personal experience)

Law #1: The day you forget to bring an extra baby outfit will be the day your infant has a blowout…in the middle of church.

Law #2: If you sweep and mop the floor, your two-year-old will fill his pockets with sand and visit each room in the house before you finally notice.

Law #3: The day you introduce your husband’s office manager to your infant will be the first day your infant spits up a quart of milk. Not on you, of course.

Law #4: If you go to the trouble of planning a shopping trip, getting a babysitter, shopping for all your groceries and sending all said groceries through the check out, you WILL leave your wallet at home.

Law #5: If you have had a long day and the house is a mess, your husband will walk up to you at 6:59pm and casually say, “By the way, I invited our friends over for dessert tonight.”

Law #6: If you scour the sand box for your neighbor’s cat poop, you can count on your one-year-old to find the one piece you missed.

Law #7: You will begin receiving compliments and freebies for your pregnancy…but only when you’re not pregnant.

Law #8: The day you are a stressed out mess will be the day your toddler tells you that most of the time you look funny, but today you look like a princess.

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