Mom Fail(s)

I knew having three kids in three years would kill a few brain cells, but this is ridiculous. My first mom fail of the week happened during breakfast. I’m not much of a cereal person, but we’ve been experimenting with it lately and the convenience is quite appealing. The kids were excited to try a new kind this morning. It wasn’t until their sweet little tummies were already full of cereal that I looked into the box…and saw it moving.

Yep. After all the hard work I put into teaching my kids not to eat bugs, I actually poured milk on some and served them for breakfast. Go me. It was hard to hide it since I pretty much looked exactly like I do in this picture. William said, “But the little black things are yummy!” I know that for the next month every time I hear, “Mommy, my tummy hurts,” I’m going to wonder…is it from those bugs?

My next fail was at the grocery store. The babies were all accounted for and the shopping was done. Success! Time to load up the van.

Checker: Which car is yours, Ma’am?
Me: Um…apparently the one with the door left open.

My family provides a lot of entertainment for our local grocery store. But usually they’re laughing at the kids…not at me. Oh well. For the most part the kids are blissfully unaware of my mom fails. They get plenty of love and security…and occasionally bugs for breakfast.

Those are my mom fails for the week. What are yours?? 🙂

One thought on “Mom Fail(s)

  1. My fail would have to be watching child #3 get sick before school, think he's all better, and send him on his way. 30 minutes later I got a call from the car pool. He was sick all over their car. Oops!


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