Boys and Girls

 (Throwback to when I first started blogging in cartoon form! Was there really a time when I only had three children….? It’s hard to remember.)

William just turned three. Lately we’ve been talking to him about the different roles of boys and girls. To him the biggest difference is that boys wrestle, and girls are the pretty, frilly, curly ones he likes to kiss at church. But he’s still a little confused…

William: Someday I’m going to be a beautiful mommy!
Me: No, you’re going to be a handsome daddy. A mommy is a woman. You’re going to be a man.

William: Oh. Well, maybe I’ll be a handsome woman.

Obviously we still have a little work to do in this area. Sometimes Grandma doesn’t help…

William: I know why God made you a girl!
Me: Why?
William: He made you a girl so you could wear makeup.

Me: Oh. Do you wear makeup?
William: No! Only girls wear makeup.

William: But…sometimes Grandma puts makeup on me.

Thanks a lot, Mom! Grandma says yes to everything, even when the boys want to try her make-up. At least he knows boys and girls should look different. That might explain why he was so upset about my haircut.

He refused to look at me. When he finally forgave me he said I looked pretty, even though I look just like him now. I guess we’ll both have to settle for that.

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