When Daddy Helps

I don’t know what I would do without Dave. There is no way I could run “Baby Land” all by myself. This is what our family looks like going to church:

So even between the two of us we’re a little short-handed sometimes. When Dave gets home from work he immediately takes the kids off my hands. How? By laying on the ground.

All he has to do is lay down and the boys could climb on him for hours. He is their favorite toy. No complaints from me when he’s playing with them! But…occasionally when he’s helping them get ready for something it doesn’t turn out quite the way I expected.

On this particular day he dressed them to play outside. I found William with his pants on backwards, and George was wearing his big brother’s shoes. And not just any shoes – CHURCH shoes. Then there’s the occasional distraction when he’s helping me clean up. Not a distraction from work or a phone call or the tv…but from the toys themselves.

Me: They have SO many toys.
Dave: Yeah…but this guy is pretty cool.

I guess this wouldn’t be a problem for him if we had girls. I hope.

Often I find the house strangely quiet and I look around and find a scene like this:

When it’s story time with Mommy we sit on the couch with books. When it’s story time with Daddy they make a blanket fort and Daddy makes up the story himself. He’s invaluable to me and the kids can’t get enough of him. As we speak he is the “sleeping dragon.” He fell asleep on William’s bed while playing “knights.” I guess every hero needs his sleep. I love you, Honey!

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