Christmas 2012 – Thompson Style

We just got back from a wonderfully refreshing time in northern CA with my family. The Thompson’s are a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants type of family. They can have a good time anywhere. Throw three kids ages three and under into the mix and it’s an instant party. There were seven adults and three kids in one house for eigtht days. The sleeping arrangements were…interesting.

We had one kid on either side of us. I knew the one-year-old talked in his sleep, but WOW. He’s almost as active asleep as he is awake. The baby slept in my parents’ closet. He normally sleeps for 12 hours, but the day we arrived he decided to start his two week growth spurt. He woke everyone up in the wee hours of the morning – EVERY morning. Sorry about that, Mom and Dad.

One of the best parts of the trip was spending time with my sister Rachel from Oklahoma. We went out to coffee and talked until we couldn’t breath. There’s nothing ordinary about my sister. Even a basic converstaion with her can be interesting:

Rachel: Do you have a bottle of asprin? I’m getting a headache.
Me: Sure.

Me: Here you go.
Rachel: What’s this for?
Me: Um…didn’t you JUST ask me for some asprin?
Rachel. Oh. Yeah.

Me: Wow.
Rachel: Oh my gosh, Sara. There’s a lot going on. Don’t judge me.

She’s not the only one. My parents are out of control. I know they resisted buying as many toys as they wanted to, but somehow we still came home with half of Toys R Us. Maybe it wouldn’t have been so much if they hadn’t ALSO bought them toys when we were out and about.

Me: Mom, where did they get those trains?
Mom: They didn’t want to put them down, honey.
Me: So…you bought them?
Mom: I couldn’t resist!

I guess it’s okay for Grandma and Grandpa to break the rules. Besides, if they did, William was right there to remind them. He’s the rule police everywhere we go.

“We don’t say hate.”

“We don’t say butt.”

“We don’t refer to Santa as a satanic materialist who teaches works righteousness and must be destroyed.”

In general the kids handled the festivities surprisingly well. The one-year-old was the one we had to watch the closest. Within five minutes of waking up from his nap he had –

– opened presents that weren’t his and eaten cat food. But that seemed to satisfy his curiosity and he was a little easier after that. In general they were content and thankfull little boys throughout the trip. They loved spending time with thier relatives and they enjoyed thier gifts. Although, when all was said and done, the gifts they enjoyed the most were –

– the ones they could hit Grandpa with. Those turned out to be the punching baloons from Uncle Matt and wrapping paper tubes.

We came home exhausted but with full hearts.

I figure if I unpack a bag a day starting today I might be done by Valentine’s Day. I’m in noooooooo hurry.

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