What’s For Dinner?

My husband works very hard for his family…bless his heart. As much as he would love to absorb family life and work details simultaneously, his brain won’t let him. He’s all or nothing. Here’s a discussion we had on Thursday.

Me: Wow, I hope I made enough spaghetti. Do you think I made enough for the potluck?
Dave: Yep. (*thinking* These sales numbers don’t look right. Something smells like spaghetti.)

Me: I’m glad I had everything on hand to make it. I wanted to make something you would like because I know you get nervous about potluck food.
Dave: Yep. (*thinking* Gotta revamp our marketing strategy for the next show. I wonder what’s for dinner.)

Me: I know we have spaghetti all the time, but at least it’s something we can all agree on. Did you have lunch at the office?
Dave: Yep. (*thinking* I’ll call Martin in the morning and run these numbers by him. I’m starving. Did I eat lunch today?)

Me: Ok, I think we’re ready to go. Can you help me carry this huge pot of spaghetti?
Dave: Yep. (*thinking* Can’t forget to swing by the storage unit on the way to the office tomorrow. Man, I feel like spaghetti.)

Dave: Oh my gosh, we’re having spaghetti???

At least he was pleasantly surprised.

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