A Husband Walks into a Store…

Me: Ok, here’s the list! I only need three things and they will be easy to find at Dollar General.
Dave: Yep! No problem.

Me: Hello? Hi, honey. The pasta sauce is on the right next to the pasta, bottom shelf. No, that’s way too expensive! Just get the stuff for a dollar a can. Are you sure? That’s so weird, they always have it. Oh well, never mind. I don’t know why it’s so expensive all of a sudden. I’ll make due without it.

Me: Hello?
Dave: Hi, honey. I don’t see any fresh garlic. All I can find is a jar of minced garlic.
Me: Wow, no garlic? Did you check by the onions?
Dave: Yeah, they don’t have anything like that here.
Me: Darn. Well, I’ll think of something else. Just get the canned tomatoes.
Dave: Two bucks a can, right?
Me: They are usually a dollar! Yeah, get those I guess. Man, I usually have much better luck there.

William: What are we having for dinner, Mommy?
Me: I’m not sure, sweetie. It’s a little up in the air right now.

Cashier: Do you have a CVS card, sir?
Dave: Nope.

Dave: That’s funny. I thought Dollar General had green bags.

Dave: ……….

Me: Honey! You didn’t have to go to two different stores for me!

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