Sick Kids

With three “three and under,” we definitely get our share of sniffles and coughs. Thankfully we have never experienced all three sick at the same time. About two weeks ago they took shifts. I hate seeing my kids sick, but I also love taking care of them. Everything else gets put on hold – this is my job and I wouldn’t rather be doing anything else. But it presents it’s own unique set of challenges each time.

George: Help, Mommy!!!!! I need a tissue!!!
Me: George, you have to wait. I need to give Peter his medicine and then I will help you.

Me: No, that was not an invitation to use my finger as a tissue!

Me: Here, Peter. Take your yummy medicine! Yum, yum!

Ah, the lovely gag reflex.

William: Mommy, I want medicine, too!
Me: Honey, medicine is only for when you are very sick. You don’t even have a runny nose.

William: I have FIVE boogies!

While impressed that he was counting, I was unmoved. Some kids beg for medicine and others just can’t get it down. William would rather be sick than healthy just so he could have medicine.

The diaper situation is less than pleasant when kids are sick. Thankfully I’ve never had three in diapers, but I’ve had two in diapers for most of my (short) parenting career. It’s even harder when they resist being changed.

Me: George, did you poop?

Me: Georgie, Mommy asked you a question.
George: I not poopy. I dead.

So, I have kids who would rather be sick than healthy, and rather be dead than…changed? *sigh* There is a vague spiritual parallel in there somewhere, but I’ll let someone else dig around for it.

Now they are all back to their smiley healthy selves, asking their mind bending questions. As I was tucking them in last night I reminded them that God made them. William wanted to know if there were any choking hazards in my tummy while he was there, and George wanted to know if God also made his boogies. (Don’t subscribe to the Mommy Reel if you can’t handle the word “boogies.”)

Now they are napping and it’s my chance to clean calamine lotion off the couch and see if the lunch food on the floor has sufficiently dried up enough to be swept. Then I’ll wait to see which pink, sleepy face appears down the hall first. It’s a good life.

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