Wrapping Up the Year with a Bang!

Our family has been running non-stop with no end in sight. We’ve been traveling, homeschooling, participating in exciting ministries, and taking turns getting the flu. Everything will come to a crashing halt in March when #4 arrives, but that will bring it’s own form of non-stop action. We kicked off the holidays this year with our first family trip on an airplane since #3 was born. William and George wanted to meet everyone on the plane.

William: Hello. My name is William Douglas Wallace, but you can call me Bill.

Flight attendant: And what’s your name?
George: Call me Bill.

The flight attendants were so kind to our family of Bill’s. They were sensitive to our desire to have as many empty seats by us as possible, but it didn’t work out on the first flight. Every seat was taken. Peter was a “lap child,” which works okay….if you have a lap. At six months pregnant I was fresh out of lap. Dave and I passed him back and forth across the isle, but he refused to be easily entertained. The older two did much better, but William had concerns of his own.

William: My ears feel funny and I can’t hear very well. *sigh* I must be getting old.

Overall it was well worth the trip and we got to see all of our family over the holiday season. We ended it with a bang – a great big stomach flu bang. I was one of the first to get it and Dave was as helpful and comforting as he could be.

Dave: Oh man, throwing up is the worst. Especially if you’ve just eaten something really gross, like tuna, or sauerkraut, or corned beef, or –

Dave: Oh….sorry.

He really did try. I think we both saw it as a foretaste of how much help I would need when the baby comes…and we were both nervous. He tried to be proactive about the housework.

Me: Wow! You said you were going to do the dishes, but I didn’t know you were going to put all the food away, too.
Dave: Yep!

Dave: Well, actually I threw all of it away. But look how clean it is!

Oh well. Part of accepting help is accepting it in whatever form it comes. Even after I got better he tried to keep up his steam.

Dave: Ever since I was a kid I was always told to pick the most unpleasant task first and just get it done.
Me: That’s interesting….you don’t live your life that way.

Dave: I didn’t say I did. I said I heard it a lot.

I’ve tried to take advantage of his momentum by teaching him a few household tricks. It doesn’t always work.

Me: I want to show you the best way to quickly defrost meat in case you are making dinner one night. Do you know how to defrost meat?
Dave: Yes. Put it on the porch for three days.

Dave: Ha! That’s the last time you try to teach me something. I’ll have these babies ready in no time…or by next Thursday.

Looks like we have a little more baby prep to do before #4 arrives. That’s ok. It’s a great way to start the new year.

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