8 Ways Being a Mom is a Lot Like Being Insane

Every mom is crazy. 

I can say that because I am one of them.

I make no apologies and I offer no excuses. Raising children takes an interesting toll on the brain. By the time son #4 arrived I really thought I might be losing my mind. It used to worry me. Now I giggle about it. Maybe that’s a sign I’m already too far gone. So in case you thought you were the only one going crazy, I’m here to reassure you that your’re not. 

Which of these can you relate to? I openly admit I’ve done all eight. Anyone else as crazy as me?  

8 Ways Being a Mom is a Lot Like Being Insane:

1. You make sound effects out of habit, even when your children aren’t around. 

2. You forget the names of those closest to you. 

 3. You laugh maniacally whenever you get to go shopping alone. 

4. You hide to eat. 

5. You impulsively bounce your hip when you hear another baby cry. 

6. You make food talk. 

7. You forget that barf truly is a legitimate reason to change your shirt. 

8. You develop intense personal space issues. 

(Anyone brave enough to add to the list? Share in the blog comments below and let’s enjoy our insanity together.)
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17 thoughts on “8 Ways Being a Mom is a Lot Like Being Insane

  1. I went grocery shopping last night on my own and though I didn't laugh maniacally, I am sure people wondered what on earth was making me smile so much and walk so straight.

    Congratulations on your new study! I am thinking of purchasing one!


  2. Laughed so hard I cried and almost pulled a muscle. Those drawings cracked me up!!! Especially the food one. Whether its something I know my mom did, or something I do now, these made me laugh so hard.


  3. Thank you, Sara! Yes, what is it about shopping with kids that makes us so hunched over? I definitely walk straighter without them. 🙂 If you do purchase the book, I hope it is a huge blessing to you!


  4. Ahhh…Target at 9pm ALONE is kind of like Heaven.;) You're so right on all of these!!! You seem like a person I would love to get a cup of fancy iced coffee with and swap God stories one day;)


  5. How about telling other grownups that I have to “go potty.” The abilitty to look dead-pan at a screaming child and walk calmly away. And yes, alone time in the bathroom with or without food/book/iPad is the highlight of every day.


  6. Alone time in the bathroom is such a huge deal for me! My kids won't let me pee alone! Now when they knock on the bathroom door, I yell: “Are you having an emergency? If not, you had better go away!”


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