3 Big Announcements!

Book release week was a blast and I have all of you to thank for it. Thank you for spreading the news, giving me your feedback, and reassuring me that I’m not crazy – discipline is hard. But we’re all in this together, and I have more good news to share with you to keep the fun going.

1.Discipline Growth Chart Printable 


When I published the Discipline Growth Chart article two weeks ago I heard a huge collective sigh of relief. “Oh good. That’s what I’m doing.” This chart puts the grand scheme of discipline into perspective. Sometimes we need to give ourselves permission to take life (and discipline) one step at a time. The missing ingredient in this post was the actual printable of the chart. So here it is! Print it, cut it, and hang it where you can see it during those pull-your-hair-out moments.

2. Monday Mommy Diaries 



Starting this Monday the 25th at 12pm Pacific Time I’m going to begin a weekly Facebook live video. I’d love for you to join me and say hi! Be sure to follow the Facebook page to join in. I’ll give an update on mommy life with my five boys, my homeschooling adventures, and my favorite Gospel-Centered resources for kids. And yes, I’ll be doing it from home. It will be messy and unpredictable. You have been warned.

3. Come Say Hi! 

Screenshot 2018-05-14 19.13.06.png

I’m excited to tell you about a couple places I will be this year if you would like to say hi in person. I love meeting other moms who have a heart for gospel-centered parenting.  June 14-16th I will be attending The Gospel Coalition Women’s Conference in Indianapolis. I’ll be at the P&R book table. Give a shout out in the comments if you’ll be there, too! In the spring of 2019 I will be speaking at Middletown Bible Church  at a moms’ conference. Date TBA. If you are in northern CA, join us for a fun weekend talking about how to practically apply the gospel to discipline.

I hope you to see you all Monday for the Mommy Diaries! Don’t forget to check out these resources for your ladies spring Bible studies.



“For the Love of Discipline: When the Gospel Meets Tantrums and Time-Outs” is a must-read for moms in the trenches. Theology meets practical application in this relatable, personal account of discipline in action. Available on AmazonP&R PublishingWestminster Bookstore, and Christian Book Distributors.


“The Gospel-Centered Mom” Bible study is a breath of fresh air for every mom in need of grace – both receiving it for herself, and passing it along to her kids. Written for busy moms by a busy mom, this study meets moms right where they’re at. This book is perfect for a group study or a personal devotional. Available on Amazon and Etsy.

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