Welcome! I’m excited you’re here. If you’re looking for a Bible study written specifically to refresh busy moms in the trenches, this book is for you. 
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This book is for the mom who’s not “Pinterest Perfect.” It’s for the mom who can’t live up to her own standards – the mom who wants to know if the gospel has anything to offer her where she’s at now, in a messy world of diapers, tantrums, and postpartum hormones. Do you want to get outside of your own head and look to something and Someone greater? The gospel is our lens for motherhood. It’s the voice of reason that breaks through the turbulence in our hearts caused by anxiety, self-doubt, and comparing. Let’s get balanced. Let’s get biblical. 

Table of Contents:
1 –  How This Glorious Mess Began
2 – The Gospel Defined for Moms (And Everyone Else)
3 – Identity Crisis
4 – Reality Check: Our Gospel Identity
5 – But What is that Smell?
6 – The Wiles of Legalism
7 – Getting Legalism Out and the Gospel Back In
8 – So What Do I Do?
9 – Our Actions Preach to Our Kids
10 – Our Kids are Sinners (Obviously…)
11 – They Need a Savior
12 – Gospel-Centered Parenting
13 – Different Grace for Different Kids
14 – Teaching the Gospel in All of Scripture



How to use this book

“The Gospel-Centered Mom” was written by a mom for moms. That means it has what moms need: A hefty dose of gospel encouragement in quick, easy to digest chapters. Are you considering using this book for yourself or for a group? Here are some frequently asked questions to help you plan.

Q: How many chapters are there and how many study questions?
A: There are 14 chapters and 5 study questions per chapter.

Q: How long does it take to read one chapter and complete the questions?
A: On average it takes about a half an hour to complete one full chapter (reading and writing).

Q. Can I use this for my own personal quiet time? 
A. Yes! The spiral-bound design lends itself well to balancing on one knee while nursing a baby. The content gives you something encouraging to chew on even if you can only read a page or two here and there. The study questions focus on scripture so your heart can meditate on specific ways to apply the gospel to motherhood.

Q: Can I use this in a group?
A: Yes! This is a fun, practical study to do with friends. You will have a blast sharing your answers with others who can relate. There are two main ways to use this study in a group:

1. Have a 14-week study, reviewing one chapter per week. Because the chapters are short, some groups choose to read each chapter out loud together and then discuss the questions.

2. Make it a 7-week study. If you double up you are looking at about an hour’s worth of homework (total) for the week. When you meet together you can discuss your answers to all ten study questions.

Available on Amazon and Etsy!

“The Gospel-Centered Mom is a huge gulp of refreshing air for moms who are in the thick of raising kids. It takes your eyes off of your performance and places them on the one who performed perfectly for us.”
– Jessica Thompson, co-author of “Give Them Grace.”

“Sara Wallace covers a lot of material in 14 very short chapters. This is a book to read and then think about, or better yet, discuss with other moms. Her humorous examples from her own experience of being the mother of four young sons make the book easy to read. I thought her best chapters were on how to discipline pointing to the grace of God instead of just disciplining to get desired behavior. I think this book would make a great gift to give to new moms.” – Annie

“Sara Wallace writes with fresh honesty and droll humor about facing our “mommy mess up moments” and how moms everywhere can still point their children’s hearts to the gospel in the process. I finished the book, wishing there was more! And, wishing I had had this gem forty five years ago when my firstborn arrived. This is a primer for motherhood and makes you want to get out your journal, jot down scripture, cut and paste, commit to memory and remember to breathe when chaos threatens to turn your world upside down.” – Tana

“This is a great devotional for the mom who is harried and in the midst of those crazy, chaotic phases of life, where just ONE breath of fresh air would be enough to get us moving again.” – Sarah

“There are many parenting books that attempt to answer the questions- How can I love my kids more? How can I make them good people? How can I make them love God? But what sets this book apart is the central message of Jesus through the Gospel. In each of the 14 chapters, Sara urges moms to let the Gospel message flood over their heart thereby directing children to the loving savior, Jesus Christ.” – Kelley

“This devotional has been a great remember and help on how to guide my children’s heart to Jesus as well as keeping my focus on what Jesus has already done for me. Wallace reminds us as moms that are children are sinners and we should expect them to sinning. How they sin tells us where their hearts are and how we as mom can guide them to Jesus’s love and really minister to their hearts. This is a must read for mom and is very beneficial to do with a group of moms.” – April

“I LOVE this devotional/study. I am a mom (obviously) and the way this is written is easy to take chunks here and there when you have time. Sara is an amazing and eloquent writer. She presents the gospel in a way that is relevant to anyone whether they are hearing it for the first time or the millionth time. I highly recommend this.” – Kelli

“I love this devotional! I received this book and went through it myself to determine whether I wanted to purchase copies for the new moms in our church. Needless to say, I have ordered several to give as gifts to the new moms at our church. The book is written well, the stories are interesting and not sugar coated; real life mom centering herself in the gospel. I highly recommend this devotional. On a side note, I like the pen that is included with it too!” – Jane

“Gosh I enjoyed this study, as much as I do Sarah’s blog. She really hits the nail on the head in terms of the pressure I put on myself as a mom and the grading scale I use to judge my own performance day by day. It has been so refreshing to learn how to bring the truth of the gospel, God’s grace for me, into my heart and mind as I’m trying to do this job called “mom.” I would highly recommend for anyone looking for a simple study on their own or with a smal group of ladies.” – Betsy

Available on Amazon and Etsy!

(NEWSFLASH: “The Gospel-Centered Mom” has just been published in German!)


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