Shame Culture and the Gospel

“Shame on you!” “I’m ashamed of you.” Sound familiar? Maybe these words take you back to your childhood. Maybe you hear them coming from your own mouth.  You might have noticed that shame is not a popular concept in our culture. I recently watched a video on evangelism. As the pastor spoke with a wide range ofContinue reading “Shame Culture and the Gospel”

I’ve been Deleted – I Need Your Help!

January was a weird month. I got Covid, my husband almost got stranded in Mexico (due to Covid restrictions), and…my Facebook account was permanently deleted. What started as an apparent hacking ended with Facebook permanently deleting me. Forever. My appeal was denied. My Gospel-Centered Mom page is still visible, but it is a dead page.Continue reading “I’ve been Deleted – I Need Your Help!”

Top 10 Gospel-Centered Resources for Kids

Ages 3-5: “Read-Aloud Bible Stories” by Ella K. Lindvall Ages 5-8: “Big Truths for Little Kids” by Susan Hunt “The Ology” by Marty Machowski “The Lightlings” and other children’s books by RC Sproul “The Biggest Story” by Kevin DeYoung “Reformation ABCs” by Stephen J. Nichols “My ABC Bible Verses” by Susan Hunt Ages 8-12: “TheContinue reading “Top 10 Gospel-Centered Resources for Kids”