I love talking to other moms about gospel-centered motherhood! Questions about speaking engagements? Email me at:

Recent speaking engagements:

Spring 2019: I had to privilege of speaking at  Zion United Reformed Church, Ripon, CA and Middletown Bible Church, Middletown, CA.

The “Grace for Moms” audio is now available! 

Listen here!

Session 1 (30 min): Solving our “mom identity” crisis. How can we take our eyes off of ourselves and parent through the lens of the gospel?

Session 2 (30 min): Coming alongside one another: How can we break the cycle of the “mommy wars” and encourage each other in this season?

Session 3 (20 min): Gospel-centered priorities. See how the gospel practically applies to five of our top priorities: God, husband, children, home, and self.

Q&A: 15 min.